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Monday, February 27, 2012

Romulus, Michigan - DTW Airport / Embassy Suites

February 2012, Friday night, King Guestroom #310

Status perks
I received a small basket delivered to the room, which contained microwave popcorn, two full size candy bars, and two bottles of water.

This hotel only has three floors, so our guestroom was on the top floor. I was somewhat concerned about our stay at check-in because as a Gold member my key packet was not prepared when we arrived, even though there were many prepared packets at the counter, and it was almost 5 PM. Additionally, when the agent started to assign my room, he chose 148 on the bottom floor, and my profile states: high floor, away from elevator. When I saw him write this out, I asked if he was assigning me a bottom floor room, and he said yes. I commented about my preferences and the prepared key packets. He said that my packet should have been prepared with the others, and he did not know why it had not been. He said that the hotel was sold out; however, after a bit of maneuvering on the computer, he was able to assign me to a room on the top floor.

I was very happy with the guestroom. It  was comfortable and quiet. The kitchen counter area contained a coffee maker, microwave, and mini-fridge. There was no sink, which is unusual for an Embassy Suites. The fridge did not have a temperature control, and we had to be careful what we put inside because some of the items froze.
two flat screen TVs

There was a desk/table with three chairs (one office style, and two kitchen style) next to the counter. The room also contained a comfortable couch and soft chair. A soft coffee table/footstool was in the center of the room. All of the furnishings in the room looked new, and they were comfortable.

A door, which could be closed, led to the bedroom, and the bathroom was at the other end of the bedroom. The vanity and sink were located outside the bathroom in the bedroom area. The bathroom area where the shower and toilet were located was very small. The bed was supremely comfortable--the sheets were silky smooth, and the mattress was great! This was one of the most comfortable beds I have slept in at a hotel in a while.

Everything in the room was clean except the carpet looked like it needed to be vacuumed. I observed small bits of debris in more than one spot on the carpet. The room was very soundproof. I was surprised that with the hotel at full occupancy, we never heard any noise form the hallway or anywhere else.

Food & Beverage
A stay at any Embassy Suites includes an evening reception with free cocktails and snacks, and breakfast. At this hotel, the evening reception was from 5:30 - 7:30 PM. We were given a card at check-in for the cocktails and for breakfast. The card said it was good for three beverages. The bartender initialed the card the first time we presented it; however, she did not require the card after that, and she did not allow guests only three beverages. The wine quality was good (I tried the Merlot and Cabernet), and several mixed drinks were offered as well. There was a soda machine and a coffee machine set up near the snacks. The snacks included fresh vegetables and dip, nachos and bean dip, and a couple different kinds of snack mix.

In addition to the omelet station in the morning, there were scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast sticks, and cold items. Cappuccino was also available in the coffee machine.

The lobby/seating area for breakfast and the reception was comfortable. Even though we had been told the hotel was full, the area was not crowded in the evening or in the morning.

Airport shuttle
We stayed at this hotel because I had an appointment at the airport in the morning (GOES interview). The interview was in the north terminal, and the shuttle service worked out great. I easily found the US Customs and Border Protection office by baggage claim, and then returned to the shuttle pick up area with no problem.

We thought this hotel was a great value. The AAA rate of $132 included the evening reception, breakfast, and the shuttle service. There is no parking or Internet charge at this hotel. I was surprised that there was no charge to use the Internet because usually when I stay at Embassy Suites, I need to sign in to accept the charges, and then it is removed from my bill since I am a Gold HHonors member.

I had read online before our stay that this is not a typical Embassy Suites hotel. The only thing about our stay that was different from other Embassy Suites stays, was the design of the building (and, the free Internet). Usually, Embassy Suites are tall buildings with a center atrium where the reception and breakfast is held. And, the guestrooms are usually a little larger with a sink in the kitchenette area. Even though the building design was not typical, we were very happy with the guestroom and our stay.