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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ypsilanti, Michigan / Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest

February 2014, Sunday night, Free night certificate, King concierge guestroom #827

Arrival and Platinum member perks

We arrived at the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Marriott before check in time, and the front desk agent said that our room was not ready yet. She said that she could assign me another guestroom, if I wanted. I asked if the two rooms were the same, and she said that the room that was not ready yet was a king corner guestroom on the executive floor, and that the one available was near the elevator. Since corner guestrooms are usually nicer, I said that I would be happy to wait for that room.  

We sat down in the lobby by the fireplace to wait, and I received a call when the guestroom was ready about an hour later. I also received the standard Platinum bonus points. Both of the employees I spoke with were sincere, helpful, and accommodating.

Sunrise from guestroom

Guestroom 827

This guestroom is located at the end of the hall on the top floor. The view faces the golf course and lake, and we had a fabulous view of the sunrise in the morning. The guestroom was clean, comfortable, spacious, and well-soundproofed. The Internet connection speed was good, especially considering the hotel was quite full the night of our stay.

The tile/marble bathroom near the entrance contained a tub/shower combination with a shower curtain on a curved rod. The towels were good quality.

The vanity was located outside of the bathing area, and a closet with mirrored doors was located across from the vanity. Bathing amenities were provided on the vanity, and a hairdryer was mounted on the wall.

The closet contained extra bedding, hangers, a folding luggage rack, and a plush bathrobe.

A full length mirror was mounted on the wall outside of the bathroom.

The bedroom area contained a king size bed, and two nightstands with a lighted clock and a telephone. Lamps, and small adjustable reading lights were mounted on the headboard of the bed.

A sofa, coffee table, and a floor lamp were located next to the bed. I missed not having an end table for my beverage when seated on the couch. 

A desk and chair, and a flatscreen TV on an armoire were located across from the bed and sofa. A single-serve coffeemaker with supplies, a small fridge, an ice bucket, two glass glasses, and a bottle of water were located inside the cabinet under the TV. Two packets of regular coffee, tea bags, and liquid creamer had been provided with the supplies.

I have refrigerator and extra pillows on my Marriott profile, so I thought maybe the fridge had been added to the guestroom; however, the hotel website has refrigerator listed as an amenity in concierge guestrooms. There was also an extra pillow on the bed. I love it when hotel staff actually reads my profile and special requests! This seems like such a simple thing to make guests happy, yet I am amazed at the number of times that hotel employees do not know anything about my desires or requests.

The bed was extremely comfortable, and the bedding and pillow quality was superb. Even though this guestroom was well-soundproofed, we could hear some kind of noise from outside of the guestroom behind the bathroom area. It was a constant droning noise, and did not really bother us. It must have been from something running inside the hotel, although I do not know what. Constant noises like that do not usually bother me. I tend to be disturbed more by guest chatter and the opening and closing of doors, which was not a problem in this guestroom.

Concierge lounge

The concierge lounge was open Sunday evening, and on Monday morning. I did not try my key outside of open times, so I am not sure if the lounge was accessible for water or other items during non-open hours. I did notice that the hotel went through a considerable amount of bottled water, due in part to guests taking advantage of the amenities. We observed some guests inserting their key in the elevator to let other guests have access to the 8th floor, and we observed several guests take many bottles of water from the lounge. I sometimes take a bottle of water with me after breakfast or in the evening, but not six or more! Two guests in the elevator from the 7th floor had four bottles of water from the lounge visible in their carry-ons the morning that we all checked out. The 8th floor guestrooms did not seem to be filled, and many of the guests that we observed in the concierge lounge were not staying on the 8th floor. I know that sometimes guests from other floors are given access to the lounge. I understand why some hotels, like the Chicago-Schaumburg Marriott, limit the number of bottles of water guests can take from the concierge lounge.

View from concierge lounge
The sunset view from the lounge was fabulous! The service was excellent in the evening and in the morning. The seats were comfortable, and the TVs were set at a pleasant volume, although I thought the room temperature was kind of cool.

Evening food items included pasta salad, four fresh vegetables (carrots, celery, red peppers, and broccoli) and dip, two flavors of cheese cubes  (cheddar and spicy), small pieces of buffalo chicken pizza, potato pancakes, and sliced bread. The pasta salad contained fresh ingredients, although the flavor was kind of bland. The vegetables were fresh, and the dip had excellent flavor. The pizza had good flavor, although the chicken was kind of tough. The potato pieces had good flavor with a bit of cream and bacon flavor inside. A refrigerated cooler contained sodas, water, milk, juices, and yogurt. We were surprised and delighted to see Coke products available.

Breakfast in the morning included scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, three different breads, cold cereal, oatmeal with toppings, fresh fruit, and pastries. The cooler contained the same products as it had in the evening. I observed cream cheese with the condiments; however, I did not see any bagels. A staff member was restocking food items when we departed, which may have included bagels. All of the food items I tried had good flavor. I almost did not try the scrambled eggs because they looked like they had been out since the lounge had opened at 6:00 a.m., and it was after 8:00. I was glad I tried the eggs, because they were very good. The bacon had good flavor, the oatmeal was fresh, and the fresh fruit was superb. 

Pool area

The pool area is located on the lower level, and it was accessible from the elevator without having to walk through the main lobby. The area was warm; however, we did not end up using the whirlpool tub since the pool area was very busy. There was some kind of hockey tournament going on during our stay, and there were many children and adults in the hotel.

Fitness center

We visited the spacious fitness center, although we did not use any of the equipment. The cardio machines were set up to look out the windows over the golf course. Fresh apples, newspapers, and a map of a walking trail were available. The trail map said that the trail is one mile long, and that it goes around the lake behind the hotel. 

Lobby and sitting areas

There were many public sitting areas in this hotel. The seats by the two fireplaces in the lobby were comfortable. Seats and tables were available between the lounge dining area and the elevators. More chairs were available in the hallways by the ballrooms.

It looked like there is also a nice outside area at this hotel when it is not so cold and snowy out. We observed a gazebo type wooden structure out back and a covered grill.

Misc. and overall

We thought this was a great hotel, and we would definitely choose it again. It is well maintained, and all of the staff members provided excellent service. We felt like everyone was genuinely interested in meeting our needs.

This hotel is easily accessible from Interstate 94. There were a couple of restaurants across Huron Street from the hotel: BWW, McDonalds, and Rio Wraps.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Grand Rapids, Michigan - GRR airport / Crowne Plaza

January 2014, Weekday, King guestroom #384 (#439 below)

I have stayed in the Crowne Plaza Grand Rapids - Airport hotel several times, since it is located at my home airport. It is not as nice as some of the Crowne Plaza hotels I have stayed in, although it is one of the better airport hotels in GRR for the price, and the shuttle service is dependable.

If you have any questions about this property, please ask! Here are links to some of my previous stays: December 2011May 2011, August 2010

Status perks and check-in

I received access to the club lounge, although I did not receive a guestroom on the top floor. When I asked about this, the agent said that there were not any guestrooms available on the top floor. This hotel was not very full at the time of our stay (it is usually less than half full every time I have stayed here), so I am not sure why she said this. It did not really matter much, since I did not recall the club floor guestrooms having any better amenities than the standard guestrooms. One reason I prefer the top club floor, is because I often hear guests overhead when staying in hotels. I did not experience that in this hotel.

Since the club lounge had not been open during most of my stays in this hotel, I asked if the lounge would be open in the evening. The agent did not know, and after she checked with someone else, both employees said yes, although the times they provided were incorrect. The agent did not recognize my status, and she did not actually tell me I would have access to the lounge. This was implied after I inquired about the club floor and lounge when she provided my key packet.

I have never had the same employee check me in when I arrive in the afternoon or evening, so I suppose that accounts for the inconsistency at check-in. When I depart for the airport early in the morning, the same male employee that has been at this hotel for years is usually working. I like it when I see a familiar face at locations I frequent, because that makes me more comfortable with the business' character.

Guestroom 384

This guestroom is on the third floor, and the balcony faces the back courtyard. It has a connecting room door, which I was initially worried about. The guestroom next to us must have been empty, or the guest was very quiet, because we did not hear any noise next door. There were extremely loud guests in a guestroom down the hall, and we could hear their TV blaring every time we left the room. Fortunately, this was far enough away from our guestroom.

The bed was comfortable, and we were happy that this guestroom had a couch instead on one chair. There were not very many outlets in the guestroom. I had to unplug one of the lamps on the nightstand, in order to plug in my cell phone when we went to bed. I could have plugged in my phone on the desk; however, I wanted it next to the bed since we were using the alarm feature for an early morning flight the next day.

The bathroom vanity where the coffee was provided was not very spacious. A single-serve coffeemaker and supplies were provided, and the coffee quality was good. I brought liquid creamer from the club lounge back to the room for my coffee in the morning.


There was not anyone in the pool area when we used it that evening. The water was warm, and there are plenty of seats in this area. There were lounge chairs around the pool, and one table with chairs between the whirlpool tub and the pool. Additional tables and chairs were located on a level a few steps up. 

The pool is an indoor/outdoor pool, and we have stayed at this hotel in the summer when the outside area is open, although the tiki hut has never been open during any of our stays.

Club lounge

There were only two other guests in the lounge when we visited, and there were not any guests in the lounge when I returned to get liquid creamer for the guestroom coffee.

Each guest was allowed one complimentary alcoholic beverage. Domestic beer, and red and white wine was offered. Food items included chicken BBQ with buns, fresh vegetables and dip, and dessert. We were gone from the hotel before the lounge was open for breakfast.  

August 2013, Sunday night, King club floor guestroom 439 [possibly]

I stayed at this hotel in August 2013, and I did not have time to write up a review after that stay. I have a few photos of the guestroom, so I am sharing them below. I am not certain if the photos are of guestroom 439 or 472. The room number written on my packet says 472; however, the room number on my bill is 439. The guestroom is not marked on the guestroom diagram photo that I took, so I added arrows pointing to both guestrooms. I tend to think that I was in guestroom 439, because guestroom 472 looks like the balcony would be very close to another room or the outside of the building, and I do not recall ever being that close to another guestroom.

Club floor guestroom
Some of the king guestrooms in this hotel have a sofa, and some have just one chair. I have not been able to figure out how the chairs and sofas are allocated to which guestrooms.

The vanity in this club floor guestroom had a little more space than the one in guestroom 384. Bathroom amenities included a small bottle of Scope, and a vanity kit, which were not provided in the standard guestroom.

Club floor guestroom

Club floor guestroom

I had taken a photo of the key packet because the club lounge times that were written on the key packet were incorrect. Both times that the front desk agent provided the lounge times, I was told that it opens in the evening at 6 p.m., and it did not open until 6:30 p.m. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kenner, Louisiana / Hilton New Orleans airport (MSY)

February 2014, Sunday night, 1-night, King guestroom #656

Status perks and check-in
We arrived at the New Orleans airport Hilton in the morning after our Carnival Sunshine cruise. The agent said that there is a $25 charge to check-in early. I expressed surprise, since the last Hilton I had stayed in, the Palmer House Hilton, does not charge Gold status guests this fee. I asked if we should come back to the front desk after noon, or when. She said that check-in time is 3:00 p.m. She then asked if we were going to go someplace, and I said that we had planned to just hang out at the hotel until our flight home the next day. After a brief pause, she said that she would go ahead and check me in. The agent also provided two bottles of water, and an Internet access code for complimentary Internet.

Guestroom 656 is located on the top floor near the end of the hall. It faces away from the airport and overlooks the back roof and parking lot. The guestroom was a decent size, and it was well soundproofed.

The large closet at the entrance contained a safe, hangers, extra bedding, and a folding luggage rack.

Coffee supplies, which included individual pods and liquid creamer, and a microwave, were on a small table next to the closet. The coffee maker was a single-serve type machine, which could brew one or two cups as a time. I like that Hilton properties (including DoubleTree and Hilton Garden Inn) usually always have this type of setup for coffee outside of the bathroom.

The bathroom across from the closet was not very large, although it was sufficient. Bath amenities, a hairdryer, and good quality towels were provided. The bath amenities by Peter Thomas Roth included shampoo, conditioner, lotion, a grooming kit, facial soap, and a massaging bath bar. 

The shower was a tub/shower combination with a shower curtain on a curved rod.

The bedroom area contained a king size bed, nightstands, flatscreen TV on an armoire, desk and chair, a lounge type soft chair, and one end table. There were lamps on the desk and nightstands. An alarm clock was located on one of the nightstands, and a steel ice bucket and glass glasses were provided on the end table.

The HVAC unit could be turned off, which I always like overnight. The bed and pillows were very comfortable, although I thought the guestroom needed to be remodeled. 

The carpet and furnishings in the guestroom looked tired and smelled stale. In fact, the room had such a stagnant smell, that I called housekeeping a few hours after we had arrived to ask if they had some room freshener they could spray. An employee arrived within a few minutes and sprayed something in a couple of corners of the guestroom. I do not know what kind of spray was used, although it must have been very strong. The guestroom immediately smelled better, and she only sprayed about three or four small squirts. The employee was professional, and she understood why I had called. She said that if the spray did not help, to let her know, and they would assign us a new room. The fresh scent did wear off after a while; however, the guestroom smell was not unbearable, so I did not request a different guestroom.

room 656

I did not take a photo of the guestroom diagram on the door, because the guestroom sizes shown were not accurate. The diagram showed all of the guestrooms as the same size, and there is a large lounge type room across from the elevator on this floor, as well as an executive suite around the corner. The large room looked like an executive lounge; however, the hotel website does not offer executive rooms or an executive lounge. The door to the large room room was open in the morning, and there was one person seated inside. I did not observe any amenities set out. I suppose that the room could have been an executive lounge with limited hours.

Food & Beverages
We visited the hotel lobby lounge, Second Line Sports Edition, twice. Once for beverages shortly after check-in, and later for something to eat. The sign in front of the lounge said to ask about the daily specials, so we did. Both times, we were told that the lounge does not offer any specials. We asked again the second time, because we had only ordered beverages during our first visit, and we thought maybe the sign was for food specials. Our food server told us that the sign is old, and that they have not offered anything that is not on the menu for a long time.

The menu item pricing was somewhat inflated, as is the case at many airport hotels. The least expensive glass of red wine on the menu was $9. I had expected the cost to be similar to the cruise ship pricing, and I was surprised that it was more. I ended up ordering a Bloody Mary without knowing the cost. We were pleasantly surprised when we got the bill, and it was less than a glass of wine. The flavor was good. The men with me both had draft beers, which they were happy with as well.

My husband and I ordered the turkey wrap with fries to split the second time that we visited. The price for this item was a bit over $12. The portion size was generous, and the flavor was good. The service was excellent during our meal, and we did not have any complaints about the service earlier in the day.

There are two chain restaurants near this hotel. Subway is located in the Shell gas station next door, and we had breakfast there. The food was fresh, and the service was excellent. IHOP is located in the Days Inn on the other side of the Hilton. There is a parking lot between the Hilton and the IHOP, which looked like it might have been offsite airport parking. I did not see a sidewalk on the side of the road; however, there is room on the shoulder of the road, and the distance is very close. 

Pool area
This hotel had a decent outside pool sitting area. There were loungers, tables with seats, and a gazebo. When we had decided to stay an extra night after our cruise, we had hoped we'd have one last day of warmth to enjoy before heading back to cold Michigan. Unfortunately, mother nature did not cooperate, and it was a rainy, cool, and dreary day. We thought we might still use the hot tub; however, we changed our minds after looking at the tub. The tub looked neglected, and in need of cleaning.

Fitness center
The fitness center located next to the pool contained several cardio machines, a water cooler, and restrooms. We did not use the fitness center, and I am sure that there were more included items than what I have listed. We only walked through the fitness center to get to the pool, and to look for a scale. We initially thought there was not a scale in the fitness center; however, my husband said that there was one in the Men's restroom.

Business center
We observed one computer and a printer around the corner from the lobby, which did not work. There were at least two computers and a printer in the lobby by the front desk; however, the printer was not working at the time of our stay. The front desk agent told me to use the computer behind the bell stand to print our boarding passes.

Shuttle and misc.
The airport shuttle service was on demand, and it was very quick. This hotel is located across from the airport, and it only took a couple of minutes to get there. Our son took the shuttle a few hours after we had checked in, and we took it the next day. 

This hotel has several meeting rooms and ballrooms. There were sitting areas inside the hotel and in the courtyard. It looked like this had been a grand hotel at one time, although it looked tired at the time of our stay. The public areas looked like they needed to be refurbished, just like our guestroom. 

I overheard the front desk agents talking with other guests on the telephone about the $25 early check-in charge. We got a great rate on our hotel room, and the hotel must make a good portion of it's income with the early check-in charge. Just be aware of this, if you are arriving our departing outside of normal check-in and checkout times. Hotel parking is complimentary.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Carnival Sunshine Cruise ~ 7-day Exotic Western Caribbean January/February 2014


Our son had given us dinner in the steakhouse for Christmas this year, and we wanted to go the first evening because a bottle of wine is included the first evening. A few weeks before our cruise, I made the reservation online. The computer screen showed that my transmission had been successfully sent; however, I never received an email confirmation. I searched for information about steakhouse reservations online, and some guests said that they had been contacted prior to their cruise, and some said that they got their reservation details after they boarded (these comments were not specific to the Sunshine). I decided to call Carnival a few days before our cruise to make sure our reservation had been received. The person I spoke with did not say whether she could check into this; she merely said that our reservation would be confirmed during check-in.

Arrival and Check-in ~ Port of New Orleans

We walked to the cruise port because our hotel, the Astor Crowne Plaza, was only a little over a half mile away. This did not end up being as easy as we anticipated. My husband and I had gone for a walk to the cruise port that morning, and we chatted with two female travelers who were pulling their luggage. They told us that they had just gotten off the Carnival Sunshine, and that they had walked out from the ship. They pointed to the corner across the parking lot, which they said is the cruise port entrance. There was a sign at the entrance into the parking lot from the sidewalk that said, "Pedestrian Entrance," so we did not walk any further. We expected there to be a pedestrian walkway after we entered, so we returned to our hotel to finish getting ready.
View from Serenity deck

When we were headed toward the cruise port with our luggage around 10:30 a.m., we passed a few more travelers pulling their luggage headed in the opposite direction. After we went though the pedestrian entrance, we saw that the parking lot was uneven, and that there is not a pedestrian walkway through the lot. Since we did not think we had much farther to go, we continued on. We found the cruise port entrance in the corner exactly where we expected it; however, the cruise port is not pedestrian friendly. I have entered many cruise ports before--on foot and in a vehicle. This is the first time I have ever walked right into a port without a manned entrance, and without having to show ID. We were never asked for any identification, nor did anyone inquire about our destination as we made our way to the cruise ship.
Cruise port view from our balcony
cabin 6363

We observed many people walking along the edge of the road inside the port, even though there were signs that said, "No Pedestrians." Since I did not see any cruise ship signage, I asked an officer in the area how to get to the Sunshine, and he gestured toward the road leading to the south end of the port. I asked him if it was okay to walk through that way with our luggage (after all, the signs did say, "No Pedestrians"!), and he said yes.    

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Orleans, Louisiana / Astor Crowne Plaza

January 2014, Weekend, 2-nights, Rewards stay (40,000 points per night), King Jr. suite #411

Status perks and check-in
When we arrived, the front desk agent said that there was a guestroom for us, and that it was not ready yet (the hotel was sold out the weekend of our stay). I should have asked her what kind of guestroom had been set aside for us. As much as I travel, I should remember all these little things! Instead, I asked if we had a guestroom on the executive floor. She said that there was a Jr. suite available on the executive floor; however, some guests do not like the guestroom because it has a skylight. Another miss on my part--I should have asked for more detail. Instead, I said that I thought that sounded interesting, and she assigned us the Jr. suite on the executive floor.

I also received a small container of New Orleans seasoning. I do not know if all guests receive this, or if this was a Platinum perk.

The Astor Crowne Plaza has 14 floors, and the executive floor is on the 4th floor. I did not realize that the executive floor was only on the 4th floor until after we had gotten on the elevator. The guestroom is in a good location near the end of the hallway and away from the elevator; however, I would not recommend this guestroom to anyone with fears, like claustrophobia or arsonphobia, because it has no windows! No wonder the agent had said that some guests do not like the skylight; it is the only outside light into the guestroom. The skylight is located over the head of the bed.

I called the front desk after we entered the guestroom, and told the agent that I did not realize that she had meant that the guestroom does not have a window. I inquired what kind of guestroom had originally been set aside for us, and said that we might want to wait for that room instead. She said that she could not promise anything about what kind of guestroom we would receive if we waited for another guestroom, since the hotel was sold out. The guestroom was spacious, so we decided to settle in and make the best of it.

The large closet by the entrance contained a safe, two robes, hangers, extra bedding, a folding luggage rack, and an iron and ironing board.

The bathroom, which was located across from the closet, included a decent size vanity, and a tub/shower combination with a shower curtain on a curved rod. The water pressure in the shower was so strong, that I felt like it was going to blow my skin off! Plush towels, a hairdryer, and bath amenities were provided.

A Kuerig K-cup machine was provided on the vanity with two coffee K-cups and powder condiments. There was plenty of room in the sitting area of this guestroom, and we thought it would have been nicer, if the coffee had been located in the living area instead of the bathroom.

The sitting area contained a sofa sleeper, soft chair, footstool, flatscreen TV on a cabinet, end table with lamp, floor lamp, ice bucket, and two glasses.

There was a door between the living room and the bedroom; however, when we tried to close it later, we noticed that it did not have a door knob.

The bedroom contained a king size bed, nightstands, second flatscreen TV on an armoire, and a desk and chair. There were lamps on the nightstands and on the desk. A clock was set on one of the nightstands; however, the light on the clock did not work, and the time was set 25 minutes fast. The bed pillows were comfortable, and the bed comfort was acceptable.

There were shades covering the skylights in the bedroom over the head of the bed. We did not like not having any natural light, so we tried to figure out how to open the shades. I eventually called for assistance, and I was told that housekeeping would come to the guestroom to show us how to open them. Someone from housekeeping arrived, and she could not find a rod or pole that she was looking for, so she called someone else, and then told us that engineering would come to assist us.

We left a short time later, and when we returned, the shades were still shut. It had sounded like the only way to open the shades was to push them open with a pole, so we opened them ourselves. We stood on the bed, and used the bolster pillow to push them open.

The Internet connection speed in the guestroom was lousy. I was not able to complete anything online from the guestroom. The hotel website says that turndown service is provided in executive floor guestrooms; however, we did not receive turndown service either night of our stay.

Executive lounge
The executive lounge was open from 4 to 8 p.m., and from 6 to 10 a.m. The door was locked outside of the open times, because I tried my key after we had checked in to see if water was available.

Food items available at 4 p.m. included vegetables and dip, cheese and crackers, and a couple of fruits. The first beer or wine was complimentary, and additional beverages cost $2 or $3 each. The first soda or water was also complimentary, and additional non-alcoholic beverages cost $1 each.

executive lounge
Around 5 p.m. a hot food item was brought out. This was chicken gumbo and rice both nights of our stay. The gumbo was excellent! The cheeses that were served tasted like they had a very high fat content. The vegetables and cheeses varied slightly between the two nights.

Breakfast foods included fruits, cold cereals, yogurt, milk, juice, coffee, bread, bagels, and pastries. The hot items the first morning were not very good--greasy sausage links and plain biscuits. The biscuits were the kind of biscuits that are usually served with gravy, so I did not understand why the only other hot food item was the sausage links. Imitation eggs and bacon were available the second morning.

There was plenty of seating in the executive lounge, and all of the employees working in this room provided great service. I was surprised that the lounge was mostly empty every time that we visited, given the fact that the hotel was full.

This hotel has an outside pool with a sitting area. We did not use the pool because the weather was cool. A hot tub would have been nice!

view from ballroom balcony
The Crowne Plaza is in a good location on the corner of Canal and Bourbon Street. There are ballrooms on the second floor with large balconies. There were not any events in the ballrooms during our stay, so we were able to go out on the balcony to people watch.
view of Hyatt from ballroom balcony

The Hyatt is located across the street from the Crowne Plaza, and all of the Hyatt guestrooms that are facing the Crowne Plaza have a nice balcony.

Getting to the Crowne Plaza was an easy 15 minute walk from the E-2 bus stop with our luggage.

There are not any grocery stores in this area, and all of the bottled wine prices were outrageous. We wanted to purchase three bottles of wine to take on a cruise with us after we checked out, so we walked two miles to Walmart on Tchoupitoulas St. There may be a bus that goes to Walmart, although we did not check, since we usually walk a few miles every day anyway.

Since I redeemed points for this stay, I was surprised to receive a bill the morning that we were checking out. The charge was for $50 per night plus tax labeled, "Room revenue." I stopped at the front desk to have this corrected, and the agent wadded up the sheet and threw it out. She told me not to worry about it, and I was not changed anything for the stay.