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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

San Antonio, Texas / Hyatt Regency Riverwalk

February 2012, Sunday, 1-night, Executive king guestroom #1063

Diamond amenity
Status perks
We received an upgrade to an executive room, a choice of bonus points or an onsite amenity (we chose red wine and cheese), and breakfast. I had booked the local SAV rate, which included buffet breakfast for two, and the front desk agent said that as a Diamond member, we could order from the menu, if we preferred. She told me to just charge the meal to our room, and it would be taken care of.

Guestroom 1063 is one floor down from the top floor. It has an interior balcony overlooking the atrium. The room and balcony size were not what I would consider spacious for an executive room, although they met our needs. Inside the guestroom, there was a king bed, two night stands, a soft chair, desk and chair, armoire, and flat screen TV. There were two seats and a small patio style end table on the balcony.

It was cold in the guestroom, and the thermostat was not functional when we arrived. After a visit from engineering, I learned that the HVAC unit had been turned off by engineering from the inside panel in the closet at the request of the previous guest. Since there was not a way to turn the unit off at the control panel on the wall, I could understand that request. I often prefer to sleep with the HVAC unit off. The unfortunate thing about this, is that it took forever for the room to warm up! I eventually had the temperature set at 78 (I started at 70 and 72, which is what I wanted). I thought I was going to need to call engineering again because I thought something was wrong with the unit, but then I noticed that the temperature was gradually increasing (the thermostat was digital, so I could see partial degree increments). It took over eight hours for the room to reach 72 degrees.

There was a single sink and vanity in the bathroom, which did not provide much counter space. Fortunately, there was an added towel stand with open space on top. There was a basic tub/shower combination with a shower curtain. There was plenty of room in the bathroom.

I requested a bathrobe because there was not one in the guestroom. Housekeeping delivered one right away; however, it was a thin summer like robe, rather than a plush terry robe. This was a disappointment since it was cold in the room. Turndown service was available, if requested. 

The bed and bedding were both high quality and supremely comfortable. The clock on the nightstand was set to the incorrect time, and we could not figure out how to change it. Every now and then, I come across a hotel clock that does not seem to have clock settings--only alarm settings.

Food & Beverage
view from our balcony
The coffee in the guestroom was not very good quality, and there was no liquid creamer, so I planned to get a good cup of coffee at breakfast. French-press coffee is served at the Hyatt in Chicago, so I was hoping to get the same at this Hyatt. The coffee in the restaurant was the same or worse than what was available in the guestroom. I set my cup aside after a few sips, and told the server I did not want it when she asked if I wanted a refill. I was surprised to see a charge of $2.50 for the coffee on our bill after breakfast. If I had been paying that bill, I would have had her take it off. The multi-grain pancakes were very good, although the restaurant does not offer turkey bacon or chicken sausage. Hash browns were served with the Eggs Benedict, and my husband said this menu item was good. I thought breakfast was pretty expensive for what we received. Our bill was over $35, and the only additional items that I have not already mentioned were a second cup of coffee and a glass of vegetable juice.

The temperature in the restaurant was extremely cold. This was our last morning in San Antonio, and by this time, I had decided that people in this area must like it cold. Another guest was so cold, that he had his jacket hood pulled up over his head, and then he requested a different table with hopes that it would be warmer. I noticed that the thermostat was on the wall behind my husband, so out of curiosity, I asked him to see what it was set at. 62 degrees! And, this was in February when the temperature was only in the 40s - low 60s outside. Brrrr!

Pool area
There is a rooftop pool and bar at this hotel. One reason we decided to switch to this hotel was because of the pool information on the website: Our rooftop pool area is always welcoming with a pleasant, tranquil atmosphere.  Relax with a cocktail at our stylish pool bar or on the inviting, sun-splashed deck, and enjoy spectacular 360° views of the cityscape and historic Alamo. 

After a satisfying workout in the gym, finish up with a relaxing soak in our outdoor, heated pool.  Or just soothe your tired muscles in our calming whirlpool hot tub.

Poolside Dining Hyatt Regency San Antonio also offers poolside dining.  Click here to view our poolside dining menu.

After all the walking we had done the previous few days, and with the cool weather, we thought it would be nice to relax in a nice heated whirlpool with a cocktail our last evening. The website also said that pool renovations were expected to be completed by February 1st. Since it was after that date, and this information was still on the website, I called to ask if the pool area was open, and I was told yes. I did not think to ask if the other information on the website was correct. The pool area had been renovated, and the stairs to the roof smelled of new carpet; however, there is NO whirlpool at this hotel. I had noticed a housekeeper in the area when we walked to the roof, so I found her and asked about the hot tub. She said it was taken out during the renovation. Another disappointment for us.

This is a plush hotel in an excellent location on the Riverwalk. We experienced a couple minor disappointments; however, overall, this hotel was an excellent choice--especially for $119. It was clean and comfortable.