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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grand Rapids, MI--GRR airport hotel / Crowne Plaza

Status perks and check-in

I received an upgrade to a Club floor room, which is consistent with my previous stays at this property. Since I was staying on Sunday night, the Club Lounge was not open. The front desk agent said he was going to give me beverage coupons for the hotel lounge, which would open at 4 p.m., and a breakfast coupon. I did not understand why he was going to give me a breakfast coupon because I thought the Club Lounge would be open Monday morning. I later learned that the lounge was under construction.The restaurant did not open in the morning until 6 a.m., so I told the agent I did not need the breakfast coupon, since I needed to leave for the airport on the 5:30 shuttle. He gave me four beverage coupons instead.


This guestroom had just been remodeled, and the room contained new furnishings. I'm not sure if the bed was new; I could tell that the other furniture was. The room included a flat screen TV, comfortable desk chair, and sitting chair with footstool. The chair was comfortable; however, it only met the needs of one person. It was not very comfortable sitting with two people in the chair or using the desk chair to watch TV. The room lamps were new, as well as the drapes and flooring. 

The guestroom had a connecting door, and I try to stay away from rooms with connecting doors, because the doors are not usually soundproof. Since this location was not very full during our stay, I decided to keep the room with the hopes that we would not have guests in the next room. Fortunately, we did not hear any noise from the room next door during our stay. Our room had a small balcony overlooking the outside courtyard. I was surprised the Internet connection speed was quite slow, since the hotel was not very full.


The pool is an indoor/outdoor pool with a small area to swim between the inside and outside. The outside sitting area was nicely landscaped with several trees offering much appreciated shade. There were also plenty of sunny areas to lounge in the sun.

Food & Beverage

I was impressed with the lounge renovations. The open room style included high ceilings and comfortable seating. We used our beverage coupons for drinks of our choice, even though we noticed after ordering that the coupons said, "house brands only." Our server still took the entire beverage price off the check. We ordered an Italian sandwich with fries, which was very good. The flavor was excellent, and the ingredients were good quality.

Misc. and overall

One reason I like this property is because the airport shuttle runs every half hour, 24-hours a day. I also have always received a Club Floor room upgrade every time I stay here. Even so, I thought the room price was kind of high compared to other choices in the airport area. Recently, I have found the rates to be $10 - $20 more than I had previously paid at this property. I suppose with the renovations, it makes sense to charge a little more, although we did not think the bed comfort was any better than before. The stairway carpet was new, although it looked like it hadn't been vacuumed since it was put in. There was a considerable amount of lint and debris on the floors. One thing that was not changed during renovations were the guestroom doors. All of the doors were old with many dings and damage. The doors are heavy doors, so they were adequate for blocking out the hallway noise.