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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Austin, Minnesota / Holiday Inn Austin Conference Center

I don't remember a lot about this stay, since I stayed in August and did not complete a review then. I do recall that the guestroom was comfortable, and I have a couple photos to share. These are pictures of a Jr. suite, which is what I had reserved. 

Food & Beverage
I had a sandwich at the Torges Sports Pub and Grill, and it was pretty good. The sandwich I had was The Rachel, which is not a regular menu item. This is a nice looking bar with plenty of seating, if you like the sports bar atmosphere. They offered different menu specials each night. I also had a salad at the Bistro one evening, which was acceptable as well.

Business center
There is a computer and printer set up in the Bistro for the business center. I printed a couple documents, and the employee working at the Bistro had a stapler behind the counter I was able to use.