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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Atlanta, Georgia --ATL / Marriott Atlanta Airport

August 2011, Weekday, King guestroom

Status perks and check-in
I did not receive an upgraded concierge level room; however, the front desk agent coded my key for access to the lounge after I inquired at check-in. I was happy that she provided this, because my Marriott status was only Silver at the time of this stay.

The guestroom was comfortable, although it was kind of small. Even though the bed had a slight dip in the center, it was still comfortable. The desk chair, and the soft chair with footstool were comfortable as well.

There was an extremely wet area on the carpet, which I did not notice until I stepped in it that evening. The carpet color was not different where it was wet; however, I was surprised that housekeeping had not noticed it when cleaning, since it was obvious after being stepped on. The floor was wet enough that I brought it to the attention of the font desk agent when I checked out. I could not tell what had made the floor so wet, unless the HVAC unit was leaking, since it was in that area. I threw a towel on the floor after I had stepped in it that evening.

Food & Beverage
Water and soda were available in the Concierge lounge, along with alcoholic beverages for purchase. Evening snacks included potato salad, chips, and cheese and crackers. Two or three different desserts were served later in the evening. Scrambled eggs were available in the Concierge lounge in the morning with breads, coffee, tea, juices, and bottled water.

I had sushi in the lobby bar, which was excellent. The beverages were also good, and the seating was comfortable. The lobby bar was quite busy the entire evening, and we were lucky to get a seat.

Shuttle and misc.
I used the airport shuttle when I arrived and when I departed. It runs between the hotels and the airport every half hour. I waited about 20 minutes for the shuttle when I arrived. Only one other person rode the shuttle with me. The shuttle driver stopped at the Marriott Courtyard first, and the passenger got off. She walked through the hotel parking lot as if she was going elsewhere. It appeared that they knew each other, and that she was using the shuttle for a ride to someplace else nearby.

I found a great rate for this hotel, and was happy with my stay. This was an excellent value.