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Monday, November 18, 2013

Midland, Michigan / Holiday Inn

November 2013, Weekend, 1-night, King jacuzzi guestroom #423

Status perks and check-in
When I made this reservation, I had mistakenly entered my business traveling preferences instead of my leisure traveling preferences in the comments box. I did not realize this until I called the hotel after I noticed online that my guestoom type had been changed to a handicap guestroom. When I called to ask why, I learned that I had requested my typical "traveling for business by myself preferences" -- top floor corner room in a quiet area. The employees at this hotel had read my requests, and fulfilled them. The only available top floor corner room happened to be a handicap guestroom. On the telephone, I said that I appreciated the corner room in a quiet area, although I said that I would prefer a whirlpool guestroom, if there was one available. The agent told me that there were no jacuzzi guestrooms available. I thought that was odd since the website was showing four or five whirlpool guestrooms available. I decided to wait and ask about this again after I arrived at the hotel to check-in.

When I arrived, I learned that there were whirlpool guestrooms available, although there were not any on the top floor. I gladly accepted an upgrade to a whirlpool guestroom on a lower floor. I also received a coupon good for $4 off in the restaurant or lounge.

Guestroom 423
Coincidentally, this is the same guestroom we stayed in at this hotel in 2011. I had re-read that review before we arrived, so I knew we were going to be in the same guestroom as soon as the agent gave me the key packet.

This guestroom is located on the 4th floor near the center of the hall. It was exactly the same as I remember it.

The entrance area contained a full length mirror and a beverage area with a fridge, microwave, and sink. A small coffeemaker with supplies was on the counter. The coffee was the same brand as our last visit, Rainforest Alliance.

A closet was located next to beverage area, and the bathroom entrance was across from the closet. The bathroom had the same features as before: walk-in shower, and nightlight under the vanity. I do not have any bathroom photos from this stay; however, there is a shower photo in my 2011 review.

The living area contained a suitcase bench, flatscreen TV on an armoire, king-sized bed, nightstands with lamps, desk and chair, soft chair and footstool, and the whirlpool tub.

The window could be opened a few inches. In fact, the guestroom window was not fully closed when we arrived. The guestroom was clean, including the tub, and the bed was comfortable. During our stay, we did not hear any noise from the hall or from guests overhead.

Pool area
The pool area was the same as before; the blinds were open between the pool and the bar/restaurant, so that guests at the bar tables could see everyone in the pool. The next morning, the blinds were closed, so they may have been shut later in the evening. We were in the bar for a few hours that evening, and they were open the entire time we were there.

One thing I did not recall from our last visit, is that the whirlpool in the pool area is an indoor/outdoor whirlpool. Next time, we'll have to try the pool area whirlpool, too!

Food & Beverage
We had a 14" NY style pizza at the hotel restaurant/bar, Big E's, and it was very good. I am not usually much of a pizza eater, and we had not planned to order much; however, when we sat down at the bar, the pizza the patrons next to us were having looked good. We would have gotten a smaller size, except that 14" was the smallest available.

Misc. and overall
In my last review, I wrote  that cappuccino and espresso were available in the lobby. There was a coffee machine by the front desk this stay; however, it only contained regular and decaffeinated coffee. I had thought that there were two machines last time.

The parking lot was under construction during our stay, which did not cause us any trouble. We were able to get a parking spot by the north end of the building, and there is an elevator at that end.

There are a few hotels located near this Holiday Inn. Hampton Inn, Residence Inn, and SpringHill Suites, are a few of the hotels that I saw. We were, again, happy with our stay at the Holiday Inn. Last time, I had thought the rate was kind of high, and this time I thought the rate was reasonable. We would choose this hotel again, as long as I could find a fair rate.