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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Boston, Massachusetts--BOS / Hilton airport

October 2013, Weekday, 1-night, King room #809
View from hall by elevator
facing the front

Check-in and status perks
I received a basic king guestroom with access to the executive lounge. 

This guestroom is located on the 8th floor near the end of hall. It faces the back side of the building.

The bed comfort and bedding was superb! The guestroom walls were soundproof, although the door was not. I did not hear any noise from the airport, or from guests next door or overhead. I did, however, hear occasional noise from guests in the hall.

This guestroom was not very spacious, although it met my needs for one night. The furnishings shown in the photos looked new: flatscreen TV on an armoire, desk and chair, chaise type lounge, king size bed, nightstands, full length mirror, and lamps.

The coffee maker, which is barely visible on the desk, included good quality coffee. A large safe, which I forgot to photograph, was located in the left cupboard under the coffee and ice bucket location.

The chaise lounge and desk chair were both comfortable for short periods. I was not in my room much, so I do not know if my opinion would have changed after a longer period of time.

The bathroom was a basic room with a tub/shower combination. The flat surface at the end of the tub served as a convenient ledge for bathing needs, like shampoo and such.

Food & Beverage
I had the Arugula Wrap to-go from the bar. The flavor and portion size was excellent. I thought the bill was deceiving though. A 15% tip was automatically added to my order, and the slip said that gratuity was not included. I was glad that I had looked my receipt over before adding another tip, because the bartender did not tell me it was included either. I usually tip 10% to 15% on to-go orders when I pick them up, although I have tipped more than this, too. It depends on how much needs to be prepared, and/or whether I made any special requests. In this case, I would have barely tipped the bartender 10%, so he made out like a bandit for doing nothing. I felt like he almost grunted about needing to greet me and take my order.

Executive lounge
I did not visit the lounge in the evening, so I do not know what was served. I went to the lounge before the evening social, and I got some bottled water to take back to my room.

Breakfast items in the lounge in the morning included only cold/continental food items. There were not any hot food items; not even oatmeal. Cold items included Dannon yogurt, hard boiled eggs, bagels, breads, cut and whole fruits, milks, juices, coffee, and tea. I am sure that cold cereal was also available, although I do not have this written in my notes, so I am not 100% certain.

Fitness center
The fitness center contained several cardio machines with theater, hand weights, and weight machines. The locker room had several amenities, including a hairdryer.

This Hilton is located inside the airport. The overnight parking charge is quite high: $30 for self-parking, and $40 for valet parking. I returned my rental car before my stay, and the hotel shuttle picked me up in the rental car area. I would have walked to the hotel, if there had been sidewalks the entire way. 

In the morning, I walked from the hotel to the Delta terminal (terminal A), via the skywalk on floor two. I had not done this before, and the signage was pretty clear. I did not have any trouble figuring out where I needed to go. Several flight attendants who were on the elevator with me, must not have thought the directions were very clear, because they asked me if I was going to the terminal, if I had done it before, and if I knew the way. It took me less than 15 minutes to walk from my guestroom, and get my luggage checked. There was not anyone in the Sky Priority Lane when I arrived, so I did not need to wait.