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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Warner Robins, Georgia / Marriott Courtyard

May 2013, Weekday, 1-night, king guestroom #319
amenity and welcome letter

Status perks and check-in
In addition to the standard Platinum perks (points or an amenity from the gift shop), I received two bottles of water and chocolates with a welcome letter in the guestroom.

Guestroom 319
This guestroom is located across from the elevator on the 3rd floor. I did not hear any noise from the elevator or from guests in the hall, although I could hear the ice maker across the hall. This was not a noise that bothered me: I am only mentioning it for guests who might be bothered by this.

The guestroom was spacious and clean. The bathroom off the entrance hall contained a tub/shower combination with a shower curtain on a curved rod. The bath towels were good quality.

A small fridge was located in the hall outside of the bathroom. A single serve coffee maker with supplies was on the shelf above the fridge. The condiments included only powdered creamer, so I looked for liquid creamer in the lobby that evening. When I did, I learned that Marriott Courtyard no longer offers complimentary coffee for guests in the lobby. I was still able to get creamer; it was just not out for me to help myself.

There were two nightstands with lights and electrical outlets on either side of the king size bed. The bed was very comfortable, with good quality linens. Too late, I realized that I had not taken a good photo of the bed, so unfortunately, there is only a partial bed view in this review.

The sitting area contained a couch, end table, coffee table, lamp, flatscreen TV, desk and chair, storage drawers, and a hanging closet.

The couch and desk chair in the living/work area were both comfortable. I really like the large desk area in the remodeled Marriott Courtyard hotels. There is a lot of room to work. The lighting in the entire guestroom was excellent, and there were plenty of outlets. An iron, ironing board, and several hangers were in the freestanding hanging closet next to the desk.

The view from the guestroom was excellent! It overlooked the nicely landscaped courtyard seating area with a paved walk. I was disappointed that I did not have more time to relax outside.

view from guestroom
view from guestroom

Food and Beverage 
I decided to get something to eat and a glass of wine that evening since the agent had told me about Happy Hour when I checked in. Even with the Happy Hour discount, a glass of wine cost $7! I had an excellent glass of Merlot at Bonefish Grill this week during Happy Hour for only $3, so I thought $7 was outrageous.

I was very happy with the food. I thought the Chicken and Spinach Flatbread was a good value, and the flavor was excellent. I would definitely order this again.

The service was excellent when I arrived; however, after I had been there a while (I did not order my food right away), and other guests arrived, the service did not remain the same. I had to go up to the register to pay my tab at the end after I had waited almost 10 minutes after finishing my wine and food. The server/bartender was moderately busy when I was waiting after I had finished; however, he did have opportunity to check on me before I walked to the register.

Business center
I was very happy with the business center in this hotel. There were several computers, printers, and miscellaneous supplies, like a stapler, paperclips, and tape. I was able to print my boarding pass and another document without any trouble.

Fitness center
The fitness center contained several cardio machines with cardio theater. There was also a flatscreen TV, and unfortunately for me, another guest was watching that TV instead of the cardio theater on his machine. He had the volume so loud, that I could not hear the program on my cardio machine with my in-ear headphones in. The room also contained a water cooler, sani-wipes, and towels.

Overall and misc.
This hotel is located behind Logan's and Carrabba's, in the same parking lot. Carrabba's was closed and under construction during my stay. I do not know if it is reopening as Carrabba's or something else.

I was very happy at this hotel, and I would definitely choose it again. I have been impressed with the changes that Marriott has made in their Courtyard hotels. I have always preferred Hilton Garden Inn over a Marriott Courtyard because they had an edge with their deluxe business center, and the guestroom extras (fridge, microwave, liquid creamer). And, I always receive two bottles of water at Hilton Garden Inn, in addition to my bonus points. This Courtyard supplied bottled water, although that is not something I consistently receive at Courtyard.

My next stay after this one was at a Hilton Garden Inn, and I was more impressed with the Marriott Courtyard in Warner Robins. The next time I have a choice between a Courtyard and a Hilton Garden Inn, it won't be such an easy decision!