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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Savannah, Georgia--SAV airport / Hilton Garden Inn

May 2013, Weekday, 1-night, King guestroom #337

Status perks and check-in
I received the standard two bottles of water at check-in. 

Guestroom #337
This guestroom is located on the top floor near the end of the hall, although it is not the end/corner room. The guestroom diagram on the back of the door depicts the end rooms as larger suites. It is a basic Hilton Garden Inn guestroom with the usual furnishings: fridge, microwave, single serve coffee maker with supplies, king size bed, nightstands, lamps, end table, desk and chair, extended soft chair, flatscreen TV on an armoire, and a closet with an iron and ironing board. This guestroom also had a suitcase bench, which I do not see in Hilton Garden Inn guestrooms very often. A cute towel animal holding a small package of Famous Amos cookies was on the bed when I arrived.

There was a long vanity in the bathroom across from the closet by the door. The shower was a tub/shower combination with a shower curtain on a curved rod. The towels were good quality. The hairdryer was a basic wall-mounted unit.

The wireless Internet connection was good. There were plenty of outlets in the guestroom, and the room was well lit. The guestroom was clean and comfortable.

The bed was especially comfortable; however, the sleep quality was not good because the guestroom is not very soundproof. I could hear the guests next door, and I could hear the expressway traffic, which does not usually bother me. This guestroom is not even located on the side of the building facing the expressway; it has a decent view overlooking the pond area.

view from guestroom
After I had listened to the one-sided conversation of the woman next door for over two hours (there were other guests in the room, so I do not know if they spoke infrequently, or if she was on the telephone all this time; I did not hear them much), and it was after 10 p.m., I decided to call the guestroom. I politely let her know that the walls are thin, and that I could hear the conversation. She merely said okay, like she was aghast that I had called; however, she did stop after my call, and then I slept soundly.

The guestroom door must have been pretty soundproof, because I did not hear any noise from the hall; just from the guestroom next door and the traffic. This is a large hotel, which did not look very full during my stay. I was surprised that I had not been assigned a guestroom with no nearby guests, since I had requested a quiet area on my reservation, and the front desk agent referenced my comments during check-in.
Food & Beverage
I only had one dining item experience at the hotel - I ordered the potstickers to-go that evening, and they were excellent!

Business center
This hotel has a decent business center with two computers, a printer/copy machine, and a print-on-demand unit. It was stocked with several miscellaneous office supplies--paperclips, stapler, tape, post-it notes, whiteout, and envelopes.

Shuttle and misc.
One reason I chose this Hilton Garden Inn is because they have their own shuttle. I had also considered the Staybridge Suites across the side drive from this hotel; however, when I called that hotel, the agent told me that their shuttle serves four properties, and that it may take 20 minutes to get to the airport. Their shuttle also does not start until 5 a.m., whereas, the Hilton Garden Inn shuttle operates much longer hours. It took less than five minutes to get to the airport from the Hilton Garden Inn. I feel like the person I spoke with at the Staybridge Suites exaggerated the shuttle time, and I wish I had chosen that hotel instead. Since the walls at this hotel are so thin, I think the sleep quality at the Staybridge Suites, in a larger suite, would have been better. I went with the Hilton Garden Inn, since I had an early flight.

There are several newer hotels in this area in front of the airport where the Hilton Garden Inn is located. I observed a restaurant and bar just down the road from the hotel--Sam Sneed's Oak Grill & Tavern. It looked good, and I probably would have walked to it, if I had wanted a meal, or if I had not needed to get up so early.