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Monday, April 30, 2012

Lubbock, Texas / Marriott Courtyard

April 2012, Weekday, 1-night, 2-Queen beds, Guestroom #321

Status perks
When I inquired about a king guestroom at check-in, I was told the hotel was full. I did receive a room with a nice view, which is usually my experience at a Marriott hotel.

Guestroom 321 is located on the top floor near the elevator. I heard guests off and on in the hall, even though I arrived after 10PM, although I did not hear any elevator noise from the guestroom. This room has a good sized balcony with a nice wooded view. I did not use the balcony since I arrived late at night, and left the next morning.
The guestroom contained two queen sized beds, a soft chair, flat screen TV, and desk and chair. The desk was a two-level desk, and the bottom portion is moveable. The guestroom and lobby at this hotel had been renovated to reflect the new Courtyard style.

The bathroom was an acceptable size with the vanity located outside the bathing area across from the closet. An unpleasant surprise was the open can of potato chips on the closet floor! Since the news had been reporting about the abundance of ants during my stay, I was glad I had not found any in my guestroom!

closet floor

Food & Beverage
I had the Breakfast BLT, which was not as good as I have had at other Courtyard hotels. It was not fresh--which surprised me since the hotel was full--and, it was served on plain white bread, rather than sourdough bread. Additionally, when I'd had this sandwich at the Courtyard in Bangor, ME, I was able to get it with turkey bacon, since the hotel sells a Turkey BLT lunch sandwich. When I tried that at this hotel, my order was placed with turkey Canadian bacon. The order taker did not ask me if I wanted Canadian bacon--fortunately, I heard her tell another employee she needed a BLT with Canadian bacon. I asked if that was my sandwich she was requesting, and she said yes. I told her that I wanted turkey bacon, not Canadian bacon. She said they did not have turkey bacon, so I had the sandwich with regular bacon. I would have been happy with regular bacon, if the sandwich had been prepared on fresh sourdough bread.

Fitness center
The fitness center was adequate, and I did not have any trouble obtaining a treadmill in the morning, even though there were only a couple machines.

This hotel was fairly easy to locate from the airport, even though I arrived after dark. I thought this stay was satisfactory, although not impressive.