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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Auburn Hills, Michigan / Hilton Suites

October 2011, Friday, Suite #509

I wrote a review about the Hilton Suites in May 2010, and I was not sure if I would be adding another review about this stay. The hotel has been updated since 2010, so I am posting a couple of new photos and the updates. You can read the review from last year by going to the blog archives for May 2010, or using the Hilton Suites link above.

Status perks
#509 view from entrance
I received an executive guestroom and breakfast coupons, since this was the perk listed on my profile. The guestroom was located a couple of doors down from where we had stayed the year before.

The new furnishings and carpet were comfortable and fresh looking. I also liked the new shades, and the new location of the work desk by the window, rather than by the guestroom door. I do not know if all the rooms had been rearranged, or if the different location for the work desk was due to the fact that we were in a different guestroom this time.

The bed was comfortable, and the bedding was plush. The bathroom amenities had been updated to Peter Thomas Roth brand, and there were two plush bathrobes on a shelf in the bathroom.

I was disappointed that we did not receive turndown service, since we had received it the year before. I did not request it during that stay, so I did not request it this time either.

Food & Beverage
Breakfast was excellent this stay. The hotel serves Starbucks coffee, and the breakfast coupons we received were for a full buffet breakfast. In addition to the standard hot and cold food items on the buffet, we were able to special order eggs or omelets from our server. The buffet included items such as: scrambled eggs, bacon, smoked salmon, chopped cucumbers and tomatoes, capers, cottage cheese, fresh fruit--strawberries, blueberries, melon, and pineapple--breads, yogurt, and more. The seating was comfortable, and there was plenty of comfortable public seating in the Atrium area as well. The tall tables in the Atrium were equipped with power outlets, which I observed guests using for their laptops.

Cookies were available at the front desk in the evening, and free continental food items were set up near the front desk in the morning--coffee, bottled water, granola bars, and whole fruit.

Executive lounge
This hotel did not have an executive lounge that I know of when we stayed here in 2010, and the front desk agent at check-in did not mention the new lounge. We went to the Atrium lounge in the evening, and noticed that the pool table area that had been behind the bar was no longer there. When we asked the bartender about this, we learned it had been converted to the executive lounge. He showed us the room, and I discovered that my key card had been coded for access. The room was not staffed for the weekend; however, the seating area was comfortable, and the fridge contained bottled water, sodas, and juices.

Even though I was disappointed about turndown service and not being informed of the executive lounge, we were still happy with our stay. The hotel is tastefully decorated, and it is comfortable. The service and food in the dining room was greatly improved from our stay the previous year.