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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spokane, Washington / DoubleTree Convention Center

September 2011, Sunday, Executive guestroom #1210

Status perks
I received a fabulous upgrade to a large corner room on the executive floor. Since the executive lounge was closed during my stay (Sunday night), I also received a breakfast coupon. These are the preferences requested on my profile in lieu of bonus points. Parking was also comped because of my Gold status, which was a pleasant surprise.

The guestroom was larger than two of some hotel rooms I have stayed in. Large windows spanned both walls with a gorgeous sunset view that evening. The room contained two comfortable soft chairs and footstool, as well as a desk and chair. There was so much room in the closest and dresser, that I could have easily unpacked for several weeks, if I had been staying that long. The bed was SUPER comfortable, and the room had been recently remodeled with new carpet and furnishings.

Two small bottles of water were included in the guestroom, and the coffee provided was excellent quality. There were two plush, new looking robes in the closet.

The only disappointment with the guestroom was the small bathroom, and housekeeping was not the best. The bathroom door almost hit the toilet when opening it, and the slightly cracked sink had not been replaced during the remodel, along with an older looking vanity counter. There were several hairs in the bathroom sink and shower. Unfortunately, there were some noisy guests in the hall that evening, and even though I had a room at the end of the hall, I could hear the activity, so I was not able to enjoy the comfortable bed as much as I would have liked. 

Fitness center
The fitness center on the third floor contained everything you would expect at a hotel fitness center--cardio machines with theater, hand weights, weight machines, mats, balls, a flat screen TV on the wall, sani-wipes, towels, and cold water. It was open 24-hours, which I appreciate, since I am often traveling in a different time zone than where I live.

 Food & Beverage
At breakfast, I used my continental coupon value toward an a la carte menu item--smoked salmon eggs benedict. This is probably not the exact menu name, although it is a good descriptive name of the menu item. It was a great choice! My eggs were cooked perfectly, and the flavor was excellent. Since I did not want the potato side, my server said I could have fresh fruit or sliced tomatoes. I chose the tomatoes, which were an excellent side with this menu item.

The food quality and flavor were excellent, although the service was not top notch. After I had completely finished my meal (and, I am not a fast eater), I waited over three minutes for my check while my server stood across the room and chatted with another employee about personal business. I could overhear the conversation as I looked over and waited for her to bring my check. The next day, I was again frustrated by the service, when I looked at my receipt and saw that I had not noticed that a tip of $1.95 had been added to my check--and, I added $2 to this! I realize I should have looked closer when I received the bill, although I do appreciate it, when my server also tells me that a tip has been added. Or, if it had been written on my coupon, I would have seen that as well.

I liked my room comfort and the location of this hotel. It is located downtown on the river, within walking distance of several restaurants. It is not far from the airport, and the hotel offers airport shuttle service. I would definitely choose this hotel again when visiting the area.