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Monday, February 21, 2011

Grand Rapids, Michigan / JW Marriott

February 2011, Weekend, King concierge corner guestroom

Status perks
I used a free night certificate and had Gold status during this stay. It was a Saturday night, we received an upgrade to the concierge floor, and the lounge was open on the weekend.

The concierge floors are on floors 19 - 23, and the concierge lounge is on the 23rd floor.

We received a corner river view room on the 20th floor. The room was in the same location as when we stayed at this hotel a couple years ago, except it was on a higher floor. I had Silver status during that stay, and we did not receive a concierge floor room then.

River view when looking straight down
The view from the room was great, and the room was comfortable. It contained a chaise lounge sofa and a soft straight-backed chair, along with the desk and chair. The bed was supremely comfortable, and the room was soundproof. There was even a soundproofing strip on the bottom of the door.

A laptop safe was located in a drawer in the beverage area outside of the bathroom. The beverage center included a single-serve coffeemaker with good quality coffee and a mini fridge. I was surprised that  liquid creamer was not provided. I was sure that had been provided the last time that we stayed in this hotel. Because this was a concierge floor room, there were two bathrobes for use in the closet, and two small bottles of complimentary water were provided.

The bathroom was large, although the counter space was limited. There was a full size bathtub, and I loved the large walk in marble shower. The bedroom floor was carpet, the bathroom floor was marble, and the floor outside the bathroom--between the bedroom area and door, was wood. Everything in the room was high quality and tastefully decorated.

Concierge lounge
We did not have any food or beverages except in the concierge lounge. I saw a sign stating that lounge access could be purchased for $25. I don't know if that was per person or per room. Beer and wine was included in the evening, and mixed drinks were available for purchase. Snacks included cheeses, crackers, sushi, pot stickers, and egg rolls. All of the hot items were not set out at once; items were refilled or replaced as they became empty. The food in the morning included cut fruits, yogurt, granola, cold cereal, salmon, bagels, breads, and pastries. Available beverages were coffee, cappuccino, espresso, orange and cranberry juices, and milk.

Overall & misc.
This is one of my favorite Marriott hotels, and we already have another reservation here in a few months. The downtown skywalk is accessible from the hotel. Self-parking was $16 per night.