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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Brentwood, Tennessee / Hilton Brentwood/Nashville Suites

December 2015, Weekend, 1-night, King suite #427 with shower only

Status perks and check-in

We arrived at the Hilton Brentwood/Nashville Suites in the evening just before dusk. Check-in went fairly smoothly, although the front desk agent did not tell me anything about the hotel or my guestroom. She told me she had not been able to give me an executive upgrade, and she confirmed that I wanted breakfast for my on-property perk. I needed to inquire about parking and the elevator location after she gave me my key packet. I was going to ask if my two bottles of water (Gold status and higher member perk) were in the guestroom; however, I decided to wait until I got to the guestroom and see. 

The next morning, I was additionally perturbed that she had not provided any information because I found a 500 bonus points voucher with my breakfast coupons. The additional points would be awarded for spending at least $25 dining in the hotel (exclusive of breakfast). We had spent just under $25 in the bar, not counting the tax and gratuity. I was not sure whether the tax and/or tip would count toward the $25. We would have had one more beverage while dining, if we had known about the offer. When I checked out, I showed the front desk agent the voucher. I said I did not know about the offer when I checked in, and I asked her if the food and beverage I had charged to the room folio would qualify. She said she thought it would since the total was over $25. She took the voucher with my information to submit it. Two weeks after we checked out, I submitted an inquiry to HHonors to ask about the 500 points. I never received a reply to my inquiry, and I never received the points. I would say Hilton dropped the ball on this one. 

Guestroom #427

living room
view from entrance
This is a king suite on the top/HHonors floor. The guestroom was spacious, clean, and comfortable. There is a Hilton Auburn Hills Suites in Michigan where I have stayed three times, and the two hotels are very similar.

When we parked after checking in, I observed a couple of guestrooms with balconies. The guestrooms in the diagram that are a bit longer must be the ones with a balcony. The diagram shows nine longer guestrooms on our floor, and a few rooms that are larger than the others.

I am not sure what designates an executive guestroom or how to obtain a balcony or larger guestroom. I could not find a balcony or a larger guestroom listed for any date at this hotel when making a reservation online. The only choices I could find were: king suite, king suite shower only, 2 double beds suite, and executive suite. There were two bottles of water and a bathrobe in this guestroom, which is something that is usually only in executive guestrooms.

The large living room contained a sofa, one end table, a soft chair, large flatscreen TV on an armoire, coffee table, lamps, and a desk and chair. A steel ice bucket and glass glasses had been provided on the coffee table. The sofa was comfortable, and the complimentary wireless Internet speed was good.

A sink, small fridge, microwave, two bottles of water, and a single-serve coffee maker with supplies were located near the entrance across from the desk. The time on the microwave said 11:07, although it was around 5:00 p.m. when we got to the guestroom. The front piece was missing from the bottom shelf/door rack inside the fridge. We had been traveling for over a week before our stay at this hotel, so we had several things we wanted to place in the refrigerator. If we put anything on the bottom shelf of the door, it fell out when we opened the door, no matter how carefully we opened it.

The spacious bathroom contained a large vanity, tile shower, and toilet. A large closet opposite the vanity contained the bathrobe, a safe, folding luggage rack, hangers, iron, ironing board, and extra bedding. The closet door was mirrored.

Bath amenities, a hairdryer in a bag, and kleenex were provided on the vanity. All of the towels were clean and good quality.

The tile shower was spacious with plenty of shelf space. All of the photos in this post were taken when we first arrived, and they can be enlarged by clicking on them.

The toilet was very low to the ground. I am short, and I felt like I was sitting almost on the floor or on a child's chair. Not something I would usually write about, although I do not recall ever experiencing this before. I imagine someone who has difficulty getting up and down would have a difficult time using this toilet.

bedroom in suite 427

The bedroom was fabulous! The bed was super comfy with luxurious bedding. There were two doors on the bedroom; one to the bathroom, and one to the living room. Another flatscreen TV on an armoire was located in the bedroom along with nightstands, lamps, a telephone, and an alarm clock. Unfortunately, we did not get to sleep in because someone had left the alarm clock on, and it went off at 6:00 a.m. I have only had that happen a few times while traveling, and I did not think to check this when we arrived.

Food & Beverage

We visited the lounge in the evening and the dining room the next morning. The lounge was busy when we arrived, and there was only one bartender working. A couple of seats were available at the bar, and there was one tall bar table available. We sat down at the table, and the bartender came to assist us about six to ten minutes later. We did not take time to inquire about the beers on tap, since there were so many guests waiting for service. A few minutes later, before she had served our beverages, we noticed some kind of menu standing up on the bar and went to go look at it. It was a list of craft brews for $6.50 each. This cost was about the same as what we had initially ordered, so we quickly changed our beverage choices.

When the bartender served our beverages, we ordered the Turkey Pimento Cheese sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries to share. I had observed several moms and kids dining on food in styrofoam to-go containers, so I wondered if we would receive a plate with our order, although I did not ask. A food runner served our food on two plates when it was ready. We had to go to the bar to get condiments and napkins. The sandwich and fries were delicious! I highly recommend both items.

Our breakfast coupons included the full buffet the next morning. Our breakfast experience was similar to breakfast at Hilton Auburn Hills Suites, and I should have known to take the points instead. There were only a couple of seats available, and the table we chose was sticky. Our server said she could get us a made-to-order omelet or pancakes. We both ordered an omelet, which was merely "okay." I had requested only a little cheese in mine, and it had so much cheese in it, I could not eat it. Water was not available at the serve yourself buffet, and our server did not bring my water until she served our eggs (she had brought coffee before this).

The buffet included yogurt, oatmeal, grits, cold bacon and sausage, milk, juice, bread, bagels, and pastries. I inquired about salmon and cottage cheese, and our server said they do not offer either of these items. If we stay at this hotel again, I would definitely have breakfast off-site next time.

Pool and public areas

There is an inside pool and hot tub in this hotel; however, we did not try to use them. There were a few groups (swim teams, I think) staying in the hotel, and the pool area was filled with kids and a few adults.

There were several comfortable seating and social areas in this hotel. There was a complimentary billiard room located near the lounge. Pool balls were available at the front desk with valid ID.

I did not observe an executive lounge in this hotel, and I did not ask if there was one.

Misc. and overall

There are no restaurants located on the east side of the expressway near this hotel, although there are several choices very close just on the other side of the expressway. It is easy to get to the restaurants, as Church St. in front of the hotel goes underneath I-65 with no on/off ramp traffic. On our way to the hotel, our GPS directed us to turn onto Overlook Blvd. (the street name in the hotel address) from Church St. before we saw the hotel. The hotel is accessible from Church St., so you do not need to turn onto Overlook Blvd.

We thought this hotel was comfortable, and we would choose it again. I would definitely ask more questions next time about our room and the hotel, since staff members were not forthcoming. I do not know what the rate was for the night of our stay, as I redeemed points for our room.