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Monday, January 19, 2015

Sandals Resorts Sleep Quality

As I mentioned in my review of Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica, I have been researching the mattress types in Sandals resorts. Rather than add this information to that review, I decided to create a new post because my resort review is already quite lengthy. 

When I started researching this after our stay, I found several posts from other guests who also wanted to know what kind of mattresses are used in Sandals resorts. I found reference to Serta in one of the posts that I read; however, I did not initially find any information about which kind of mattress is used. 

I decided to contact Serta, and after several email and telephone conversations, I learned the following:
  • The mattresses at Sandals Royal Caribbean, and all of their resorts, are called Serta Perfect Sleeper Sandals Lifestyle Plush Hospitality Mattresses. 
  • I could not find this mattress on the Serta website under "hotels" or by searching for this name. I then spoke with someone and learned that it is called "Concierge Suite" on the website. I was able to find it online after I entered this name in the search field.
  • The mattress sets are not available at retail stores as they are built specifically for the hospitality industry. They can be ordered through the Serta Guest Purchase Program at (800)-732-1766, (877)-hotel40, or (800) 705-3870. 
  • The following prices include the mattress, box spring (foundation), and delivery: Twin Set $900, Twin Extra Long $950, Full Set $1100, Queen Set $1300, King Set or Cal King set $1500. Local sales tax will be added.
  • The mattress can be ordered without the box spring, although it may void the 10-year warranty. I was told I would need to check with the warranty department to find out the details. The Queen size mattress without the box spring was $200 less; $1,100.
  • When I asked if Serta sells a less expensive comparable mattress, the employee suggested the Perfect Sleeper Kessner Plush, which was on sale for $949 (Queen set), and $899 for just the Queen mattress. One main difference she pointed out is that the Concierge Suite mattresses have PillowSoft foam layers on both sides of the mattress so they can be flipped, whereas the other styles are only one-sided.
I hope this information helps others who have been researching this after a Sandals experience. We have not decided yet what we are going to do about replacing our mattress. We are also in the market for a mattress for our 5th wheel, and are trying to decide if we want to go with one of the Serta mattresses without the box spring for that as well.

If anyone has an experience to share that you can compare to a Sandals stay, please share with the rest of us! We look forward to hearing from you ~