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Thursday, January 8, 2015

ATL - Atlanta, Georgia / Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway

December 2014, Weekday-Holiday (Christmas eve), 1-night, King guestroom #509

The Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway is our favorite hotel when needing to stay in ATL overnight. Here is a link to the review of our prior stay in November 2013

Status perks and check-in

At check-in, the agent recognized my status, and said that the concierge lounge was closed. She provided a goody bag and a coupon for a free ($10 value) appetizer in the bar or restaurant. The bag contained a half-bottle of red wine, gummy bears, and pretzels. I loved the wine! Later, I thought I should have asked about water, too, since the bottled water in the guestroom was $3.50, and this was complimentary during our last stay. 

Guestroom 509

This guestroom is located on the 5th floor with a view of the airport Skytrain. The Skytrain is visible in the widow of the photo uploaded here. Clicking on the photo will enlarge it.

The guestroom was almost identical to the one we stayed in November 2013, except it was on the opposite side of the hall. It contained a flatscreen TV on an armoire, desk and chair, king size bed, nightstands, alarm clock, soft chair, footstool, end table, and lamps. There was a telephone on the desk, and a second one on the nightstand.

This was a typical Marriott guestroom -- comfortable and soundproof. Even though we were very close to the Skytrain, we could not hear it from our room. Guest noise from the hall was not bothersome this stay. We heard a couple of guests depart in the morning, and we were already up at the time.

The beverage station by the entrance contained a steel ice bucket, glasses, bottled water for purchase, a  single serve coffee maker, tea bags, one packet of regular coffee, one packet of decaf, and condiments. A small fridge was located under the counter.

A closet was located next to the beverage station, and the bathroom was across from this area. I did not get a photo of the bathroom during this stay, which was the same as the one in my last review. 

The bathroom size, amenities, and towels had not changed. The bathroom was not overly roomy, although it was sufficient. The closet contained a folding luggage rack, hangers, and extra bedding.

Food & Beverage

We visited Champions lounge to use our appetizer coupon, and we each had a beverage. We ordered the pulled pork nachos, a glass of champagne, and a local beer. 

The food and beverage quality was good. The service was attentive, although I thought the bartender was a bit off-putting. He started to serve my champagne in a wine glass, so I requested a champagne glass. He complied, although he also felt the need to tell me the shape of the glass would not affect the champagne at all. Champagne is one of my favorite beverages, which I enjoy as often as I can. I disagree with his comments, and I was surprised to hear a bartender make a statement like that. He also told us the nachos were a poor choice when we placed the appetizer order.  I do not recall what he said when I asked why it was not a good choice, although I do recall that his comments did not make any sense to me, so we ordered it anyway. I usually request input from dining staff, listen to their recommendations, and try new things. I was glad we did not listen this time, because I thought the nachos were good.


I redeemed a Marriott reward certificate for this stay, so it was an excellent value. The wine we received at check-in was greatly appreciated. 

It was easy to get to this hotel from the airport, and it was a quick trip to the terminal via the Skytrain the next morning.