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Friday, May 3, 2013

Williston, North Dakota / Hampton Inn & Suites

April 2013, Weekend, 1-night, king suite #429

Status perks and check-in
I reserved a basic king guestroom, and I received an upgrade to a king suite. I had requested an upgrade online when I made my reservation, and when I viewed my reservation the morning of my arrival, I saw that the hotel had already given me the upgrade.

This guestroom was almost exactly the same as the one I had at the Minot Hampton Inn & Suites. Several pictures and room details are posted in that review. I will list the differences between the two guestrooms in this review.

The kitchen area by the entry was set up the same. The only difference in this area was that this hotel, Williston Hampton Inn, did not provide any paper towels or napkins. The refrigerator setting was ice cold--not frozen, just very cold.

The living room area was also identical, except that there were no throw pillows on the couch. The couch is more comfortable with the pillows.

If you look at both desk photos, you can see that the desk in this guestroom was larger. The work area was excellent. There was also an extra chair in this guestroom next to the bed. The two chairs at the desk were similar to the ones in the Minot guestroom.

The bathroom area also had just a few small differences. The hairdryer in this hotel was not as nice; however, the bathroom amenities also included face wipes, which were not provided at the Hampton Inn in Minot. I was surprised to see mold spots on the inside of the shower curtain. This hotel is not very old, and the area is dry, so it does not seem like mold would be a problem.

Food & Beverage
The standard Hampton Inn breakfast was included with pastries and bread, yogurt, hard boiled eggs,  cold cereals, oatmeal and toppings, fruit, scrambled eggs, sausage patties, milk, juices, coffee and tea. My husband had the imitation scrambled eggs, and I had oatmeal.

Pool & public areas
There is an outside patio area next to the inside pool and whirlpool tub. The patio contained a gas grill and two tables with seats.

Overall & misc.
We had originally planned to stay at this hotel for two nights, and then changed our minds after check-in. There was not anything unsatisfactory about the hotel; the area is just extremely dry and dusty. After we checked out  the next day, and then spent the day in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we were glad that we had changed our plans, so that we were not driving back to Williston since our flight home was from Bismarck in a few days.

Area information
There is not much around this hotel, as it is in a fairly new area. A Buffalo Wild Wings and some other businesses were under construction down the road. BWW was the only recognizable business sign I observed.

There is a Wal-Mart and a Holiday Inn Express located at the north end of town. Several restaurants are located between the Holiday Inn Express and this Hampton Inn. We dined at Don Pedro's Mexican Restaurant located in this area. The food was decent and the service was exceptional! I do not remember the last time that we had such attentive staff members during a meal. I could not find a restaurant web page to post the link. I found a Don Pedros Facebook page; however, it appeared to be inactive without much information. We ordered the Burito Verde and the Camaron Diabla. The portion sizes were huge, and we wished we had split an entree instead of ordering two.