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Friday, September 17, 2010

Atlanta, GA / ATL airport hotel -- Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Airport North

Status perks
I received two bottles of water and a breakfast coupon. I checked my profile before this stay to make sure it was set to receive bonus points instead of breakfast, and I also received my bonus points.

I received a basic king room on the 3rd floor. Since my profile is set for high floor, and this hotel has seven floors, I was slightly disappointed, although I did not say anything since I was only staying one night. The bedding quality and comfort were excellent--much superior to what I usually experience at a HGI. There was a fridge and microwave, as is standard for HGI properties. The coffee was very good, and liquid creamer was provided with the condiments. There were soap and shampoo dispensers on the shower wall, which I think is a great idea to cut down on wasted product and plastic bottle trash. I do not understand why some people seem to think this is unsanitary. It does not seem like this could be less clean than using the coffee pot or glasses in a hotel room. I would hope that housekeeping cleans the dispenser spiciest (which don't need to be touched anyway), just as we hope they wash the guestroom glasses. 

The Internet connection speed was slow--even with the ethernet cord. My room was overlooking the courtyard, which was a nice view; however, that is also where bar patrons sat to smoke and such, so it was kind of noisy in the evening. Other than the courtyard noise, the room was pretty soundproof. I did not hear much activity from the neighbors on the floor or above me.

Food & Beverage
I did not care for any of the food or beverages I had at this property. The menu was extremely overpriced. The calamari was heavily breaded, and my eggs were overcooked in the morning. The menu said that champagne splits were available; however, they did not have any when I requested one at the bar. Tiffany, the bartender, checked in the back room to make sure. Tiffany was personable and accommodating. She is definitely an asset to the lounge. The restaurant open time and service was kind of late/slow in the morning. It was a little after 6:00 a.m. before it actually opened, and I do not think the cook was working yet, because I waited over 15 minutes for my eggs. I was glad I was on the 7:00 a.m. shuttle and not the 6:30 one, because I would have missed that one.

Business center
The business center was the basic HGI center with on demand printing that worked fine. There is apparently Internet connection issues though, because it took me some time to access the Internet to print my boarding pass. There was a "reboot" icon on the computer, and the password was handwritten and taped to the screen, which made me think this was not an isolated incident.

I did not use the pool, although I did see that there was a nice indoor and outdoor pool.

Shuttle service
When I called the hotel a few days before my arrival, I was told that the shuttle runs automatically ever half hour. I called after I had been waiting a few minutes the day of my arrival to make sure, and found out I needed to call for the shuttle when arriving. Apparently the shuttle runs to the airport every half hour; however, it does not always stop at the pick up spot unless a guest calls. My driver when I arrived was very personable, although he missed the hotel exit, so it took us a little longer to get to the hotel. In the morning, the shuttle stops at the Hampton Inn after leaving the HGI, which I was not aware of. Fortunately, I had allowed myself plenty of time to get to the airport.

This hotel was less than two years old when I stayed here, so I was surprised to see so many carpet stains and areas that looked like they needed to be remodeled already. I think this hotel is a good choice, if the only thing needed is a comfortable bed. I do not think I would stay here again, because when I stay at an airport hotel, I usually don't have a car, and I also want something to eat or drink in the evening. Since I did not care for the food or beverage choices, I would choose a different hotel next time.