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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Old Mission Peninsula and Beulah, Michigan / Northern Michigan Wineries & Jolly Pumpkin Brewery

November 2016

This post is a brief update with some information we learned during our last visit to a couple of northern Michigan wineries and breweries.

You can find more information about Michigan wineries and breweries in the following blog posts: May and June 2016May 2016 (Grayling), May 2016 (Cadillac)May 2016 (Petoskey)October 2015 (Grayling), October 2015 (Petoskey), May 2015 (Tahquamenon Falls)March 2015,  and October 2010

Black Star Farms wine taste glasses being discontinued

Black Star Farms

We have a couple of the old style Black Star Farms wine glasses, which we purchased several years ago. The glasses came with six tastes at the time of purchase, and then we could get five free tastes every time we visited with our glasses thereafter. Keeping the glasses wrapped in a small carrier in the trunk of our car has been a good thing for us, and Black Star Farms - we always bought at least two bottles of wine every time we stopped in one of their wineries for a taste! During our most recent stop at Old Mission Tasting Room, we learned they are discontinuing complimentary tastes with these glasses at the end of 2016. The person who provided us with our sample tastes did not tell us this; when we paid for our purchases, the cashier asked us if he had told us the glasses were being discontinued.

Jolly Pumpkin

Jolly Pumpkin on Old Mission Peninsula has a couple of excellent coupons in the Michigan Brewvine Passport - 50% off a pint of beer, and 50% off a growler refill. I do not recall the name of the beer we had filled in our growler. It was dark (my favorite kind of beer), and delicious. The regular refill price was $23.

Cheese plate at St. Ambrose Cellars

St. Ambrose Cellars

St. Ambrose Cellars has a couple of coupons in the Michigan Brewvine Passport, as well. One coupon is a five pour tasting for 50 cents; however, we learned after our first visit, that they do not charge for tastes. If you like their Facebook page, and check-in while visiting, you can receive a complimentary logo taste glass. We did use another coupon in the Michigan Brewvine Passport at St. Ambrose Cellars - one free cheese plate (pictured above) with the purchase of two beverages. We thought this was excellent! We were glad they had decided to participate in the Brewvine Passport, because we had never heard of St. Ambrose Cellars before we purchased the booklet.

Michigan extras

The Michigan Brewvine Passport is a bit expensive ($25 a booklet, unless you find a promo); however, if you live in the area, or have opportunity to visit northern Michigan wineries and breweries a couple of times during the year after purchase (booklets expire one year from date of purchase), the booklet is a good value. 

Another great Michigan business I recommend is Michigan by the Bottle. Check out their website and Facebook page to learn about tasting rooms, wine clubs, events, and more.

Let me know if you have any questions, and please share this post for others!