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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Traverse City, Michigan / Hampton Inn

March 2015, Weekend, 1-night, King study guestroom with sofa bed #433

I was a bit uncertain about our choice to stay at this Hampton Inn because of the reviews I had read online. There were many comments about noise, small rooms, and that this hotel does not live up to the Hampton Inn standards. I needed one more night's stay to keep my Gold status, and I had found a great rate, so we made the reservation and hoped for the best. 

Status perks and check-in

We had reserved a king guestroom and received a king study. The agent did not say this was an upgrade because of my status, although I tend to think it was. I had written in my reservation comments that we would like a study upgrade, if available. When I tried to choose the "upgrade with points" option online before check-in, I received a message saying that nothing was available. This may have been because I did not have many points since I had recently made a couple of reservations with points. I have bonus points selected as my on-property perk, and I also received my choice of a beverage and snack. 

Guestroom 433

This guestroom is located on the top floor near the south end of the hall, and the window faces west.

Before our stay, I read a review from a guest who had checked in online and chosen room 436 at the end of the hall on the top floor--a choice I would have made, too! That guest was unhappy because the king guestroom was extremely tiny.

Looking at the guestroom diagram on the back of the door, it does not look like the rooms are different in size; however, there are four rooms at the end of the hall that are smaller. If this is the same diagram that guest had looked at when choosing the room, I can understand the disappointment. I have never completed online check-in to choose my room beforehand, so I am not certain how that works.

I have included a photo of the guestroom diagram, and photos showing how much smaller the four end guestrooms are from the hallway. Click on the photo to enlarge it, if the labeling I added is not clear.

I did not walk to the north end of the hall to see if there were four similar smaller rooms at that end, although I imagine there is. The following guestroom types are available online at this hotel: 1 king bed, 1 queen bed, 2 queen beds, and 1 king study with sofa bed. I assume that the smaller rooms at the end of each hall are the 1 king and 1 queen guestrooms.

Our guestroom was much smaller than most of the Hampton Inn study guestrooms I have stayed in, although we were very happy with it. I am not sure if I would feel the same way, if we had ended up in a room at the end of the hall, like 436!

Guestroom 433 was clean and comfortable. The bathroom near the entrance contained a walk in tile shower with a sliding glass door, which we prefer. There was sufficient space to move around in the bathroom, although the vanity was extremely small. Fortunately, there were a couple of shelves under the sink.

Neutrogena bath amenities and a hairdryer were provided. The provided towels and tissue products (facial and toilet paper) were not high quality, although the items were acceptable. A plastic ice bucket was on a shelf under the vanity, which is where the hairdryer was located.

A large full length mirror was hung on the wall outside of the bathroom.

The sleeping area contained a sofa sleeper, two ottomans, king size bed, nightstands, lamps, very large flatscreen TV on an armoire, a soft chair, and a desk/work area and chair. A wardrobe closet next to the desk work area contained hangers, an iron, and ironing board. A single serve coffeemaker with supplies was on the armoire next to the TV.

The sofa was comfortable. Since there was not an end or coffee table in the guestroom, I would have preferred a small table that slides under the sofa rather than the second ottoman.

The bed sheets and pillows were good quality, although I thought the bed mattress was not in very good shape.

There was not much room on the side of the bed by the desk and closet. I could barely sit in the desk chair without hitting the bed, and there was barely enough room to get to the closet when the desk chair was pushed in and not in use.

Nice wooden shades, which could be opened, covered the window. There was a screen in the window, and the window could be fully opened. The lake was just barely visible from the guestroom window.

Although the guestroom door was very heavy, we still heard a bit of noise from guests in the hall. We were not bothered too much, as this guestroom is near the end of the hall. We did not hear any noise from other guestrooms. I always request a top floor guestroom, because depending on the quality of the building, I can sometimes hear people overhead. I definitely suggest a top floor guestroom in this hotel. When I was waiting to check-in, I could hear guests walking around overhead on the second floor.

Food & Beverage

Coffee and hot water for tea and hot chocolate were set up by the front desk 24 hours. Apples were accessible in the fruit bowl in the breakfast area 24 hours, although the apples did not look very good. The vending machines contained Pepsi products. I overheard a guest inquire about Coke products at the front desk. When the clerk had offered me a beverage during check-in the day before, Coke was one of the options. The agent working offered the guest one of these Cokes; however, he declined since it was not cold.

view from breakfast table 
Breakfast the next morning included typical Hampton Inn breakfast fare: cold cereals, instant oatmeal, Yoplait yogurt, cut fruit and fresh fruit (I did not try any fruit because none of the items looked appetizing), breads, bagels, western fold-over omelets, potatoes, a waffle maker, milk, and juices. The breads included sweet breads, and the bagels included whole-wheat bagels. The omelets were watery and not very fresh tasting (from being frozen, and not thawed and drained, I assume).

Pool area

This hotel has an inside pool and hot tub. The water temperature in the whirlpool tub felt like it was hot, although we did not use the tub or pool. There were a few tables with chairs in the pool area.


This hotel is close to the airport, and we did not hear any airplane noise. It is across the street from the beach, and almost right next door to Traverse City State Park. There is not a crosswalk in front of the hotel, and we did not have any trouble crossing the busy road in March to walk on the beach. If you would like to cross the road via a crosswalk, there is an overhead crosswalk from the state park less than ½ mile away.

Both of the elevators needed cleaning. There was quite a bit of debris on the floors, and dust buildup in the corners. Clicking on the photo to enlarge it will show a bit better what one of the elevators looked like. The debris is definitely more visible in the photo before it was uploaded to this blog.

In the morning, I observed a mother and daughter walk to breakfast in their stocking feet. And then, they sat on the sofa near us and put their feet up on the cushions. Yuck!

For the price we paid (less than $100), I was happy with our stay. Our guestroom was clean, and we did not hear any traffic noise from our room. I think I would have been disappointed, if we had received a guestroom in a different location, and if we paid much more than $100 a night. I read reviews from others that were disappointed or unhappy, and if they paid over $150 a night during the peak season, I can understand why they might have been unhappy.