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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lake Leelanau, Michigan / Lake Leelanau RV Park

October 2014, Weekend-weekday, 3-nights, Lot 3
sunset - lake view from lot #3
Advance reservations
Although I know that October is not a busy camping month in Michigan, I decided to contact Lake Leelanau RV Park before our stay because we had never stayed at the park before. I was impressed with the service we received. The female I spoke with was friendly and knowledgeable. She provided a lot of information while she assisted me choosing a lot. There had been a lot of rain in the area, so all of the lakefront lots were either too wet or were already reserved for the weekend. Since it was so late in the season, she offered us a premium site for the price of a regular site. We decided to stay three nights! She also did not require a deposit over the telephone (I had called only a couple of days before our stay).

Lot #3
We chose lot 3 because it is a pull-through lot next to the tree line. We initially were not interested in sites 1 - 5, because we thought they were back-in sites, and that we would be facing away from the lake. We learned these are great lots, when we were told they are pull-through sites. There is a drive along the tree line for trucks to exit lots 1 - 5 after parking the RV.

We did not choose lot 2 because there was a 37' RV on lot 1, and we thought the view would be more obstructed from that lot. Even if there had been an RV on lot 2, I think lot 3 is a better choice. Lot 3 has a fire ring, whereas lots 2 and 4 have a moveable fire container. I suppose this depends what you like, although it seemed like there was more room between lots 2 and 3, than behind us, or between sites 1 and 2.

All of the lots in this area had a level concrete pad, and all of the lots have 50 amp power, and cable TV hookup. Our cable line was not long enough to take advantage of this amenity.

We liked the lake and tree view from our lot, and we thought the site layout in the park was well thought out. The lots are staggered to provide maximum views of the lake. There was quite a bit of standing water in some areas, although lot 3 was dry for the most part.

We had brought quite a bit of wood with us, since it was cool at night. The campground sells wood, and we found out after we arrived that wood is free this time of year.
sunrise view from inside

There is one bathhouse located in the center of the park. Each room is a toilet and shower combination. We did not use the showers during our stay. Below is a picture of the stream behind the restrooms that runs out to the lake.

There is a large lodge/activity room connected to the office/check-in area where coffee is available in the morning. There is a recreation area behind this building, with things like horseshoes and a volleyball area, although we did not check it out. About half of the lots in the park are seasonal.

We stayed at the park to attend the Hunt for Red October wine event in the Leelanau peninsula. This was a great location for the event, and we plan to attend next year, too!