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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Springfield, Missouri--SGF / Courtyard Springfield Airport

September 2013, Weekday, 1-night, King guestroom #319

Status perks and check-in
I received the basic reward of extra points for being a Platinum member. I always wonder why Marriott Courtyard hotels do not give room upgrades to higher status guests, like the full service hotels do. I have received a room upgrade at Courtyard hotels before; however, I have always had to request it.

I returned my rental car and stayed at this Courtyard the night before an early flight. The hotel shuttle arrived at the airport to pick me up fairly quickly, although there was not a guestroom available when I arrived. I was less than an hour early of check-in time, and I had called twice before I arrived. Once, to request the airport shuttle, and again to inquire about nearby restaurants. The employee did not request my name either time. I always like it when the employee requests my name along with my telephone number, in case anything comes up. And, this would have let her know which guest would soon be checking in!

I had picked up a late lunch at the airport, so I gladly said I would wait for a guestroom in a quiet area on the top floor. I sat down at a table in the lobby to have my lunch and wait. The front desk agent was friendly, and she assigned me a guestroom on the top floor fairly quickly. The first guestroom that she assigned me had a connecting room door, so I returned to the front desk, and was reassigned to guestroom 319. I do not recall the number of the first guestroom. It was about half way down the same hallway from where 319 is located.

Guestroom 319 is located on the top floor in the corner. It is in a fairly quiet area. The stairway is located next to the guestroom, and the door noise from guests using the stairs was minimal. The window faces the main road. The hotel is far enough away from the road that traffic noise was not a problem.

This is a basic guestroom with a sofa, coffee table, desk and chair, flatscreen TV on an armoire, king size bed, and nightstands with lighted alarm clock.

Several lights were located in the guestroom; above the nightstands, on the desk, and next to the sofa. The HVAC unit was an older style unit on the outside wall. It made a lot of noise, and fortunately could be turned off.

A single serve coffeemaker was located on the small vanity outside of the bathing and toilet area. A hairdryer was mounted on the wall.

A large closet with a mirrored door was located across from the vanity. The bathroom area was a decent size. It contained a tub/shower combination with a shower curtain on a curved rod.

Food & Beverage
I had the Asian chicken salad, which I had had before at the Courtyard in Hacienda Heights, California.  Both pictures of the salads look similar; however, the salad at this Courtyard was not nearly as delicious as the one I had had before. If this had been the first time I had tried this item, I would probably never order it again. I had a glass of Pino Noir that was on special that evening, and that was very good.

Business center
The computer in the lobby was not working when I first tried to use it. I do not recall the exact error message on the screen. It was something similar to, "not enough memory," or "unable to run." An employee got the computer to work after turning it off and restarting it; however, it was working very slowly, and I finally gave up on what I had been trying to print.

There are a couple of fast food restaurants near this hotel; however, they are across 160, which is a fairly busy road. I was glad I had picked up lunch at McAlister's Deli in the airport before the shuttle picked me up.