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Monday, April 22, 2013

Minneapolis airport / MSP - Lindbergh Terminal

April 2013

I only visited C and D concourses at MSP this trip. One thing I always like about this airport are the nice wide moving walkways in concourse C, which makes it very easy to maneuver around passengers if you are in a hurry.

The shopping mall area at the head of E and F concouse is a great place to shop and dine, if you have some time to kill while in this airport.

If you are a fan of coupons, there is a discount coupon book available in the Minneapolis airport. It has several dining and shopping discounts. Many of the coupons in the April booklet were for free kids meals. Examples of other coupons in the booklet were $1 off a combo meal or a beverage or chips at places like Arby's, Charley's, Subway, and LaBrea Bakery. I used a 10% discount coupon at TGI Fridays. It wasn't much of a discount, although it did help reduce the high airport prices a little! There were shopping and service coupons in the booklet as well.

April coupon booklet
The coupons books are available at the information centers and airport kiosks. I have picked up the booklet a few times before, and it seems like the coupons change every month, with the cover staying pretty much the same.

There are two Delta Sky Clubs in MSP. I visited the one in C concourse, next to Fridays near gate C12 this trip. I was in the club at F/G concourse by Chili's about a month ago. Both clubs are comfortable. The bar in the club in C concourse is self-serve, and the bar is staffed in the club by Chili's.

I think MSP is one of the nicer airports that I travel through. It is clean, well laid out and well lit, and it is never too crowded.